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Life Skills Coach

Harriet Raitano, PhD’s expertise is in bringing about a state of congruency. If you are suffering from stress in the work place or in your personal life Positive Change Coaching is designed to assist you in reaching a balanced healthy state. If you desire a state of well being now, then now is the time to get help.

Positive Change Coaching will have you on the road to recovery quickly in a non-threatening environment.

Positive Change Coaching is actually a cognitive approach to problems that incorporate an agenda designed by the client and the coach. This allows pressing problems to be addressed and remedied in a more expedient fashion than traditional long-term psychoanalysis.

In addition to Positive Change Coaching Harriet Raitano, PhD is proficient at other models such as Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Meta States, and Clinical Hypnosis to name a few. These models are important behavioral modification techniques for many problems as well as for smoking and eating disorders, stage fright and sports performance.

Business and Professional Life Coach

Harriet Raitano offers convenient and effective clinical hypnosis programs designed especially for today's progressive companies who want to maximize their most valuable asset -- their employees.

Maintaining your company's momentum in today's business world can be a challenging job. And keeping your employees at peak productivity is challenge #1.

Keeping employees healthy and functioning at their peak productivity level is a BIG job. Companies appreciate all the help they can get to keep skyrocketing employee health care costs and lost work time to a minimum. Harriet Raitano can make this job easier with efficient, affordable clinical hypnosis programs to help employees conquer some very unproductive behaviors -- like smoking, excess weight gain, and problems handling stress.

Clinical hypnosis sessions are available on site at your business or by appointment at Harriet Raitano, PhD's office locations. Ask about payment programs and custom hypnotherapy programs designed to meet your company's unique needs.

Lower your health insurance costs and re-claim lost work time. With Harriet Raitano's corporate smoking cessation, weight control, stress management and goal achievement programs.

Clinical Hypnosis

Used for decades as an adjunct to standard medical procedures, clinical hypnosis is a proven mehtod that can quickly and effectively change negative behavior patterns. In a calm and soothing atmosphere, the clinical hypnotherapist induces a state of mild-to-deep relaxation that opens the subconscious mind to positive thoughts and suggestions. Hypnotherapists then teach their clients to regulate physiological responses by practicing directed, focused concentration. These simple steps to improving physical and emotional well-being and achieving goals are fast, effective, and painless.

Smoking Cessation

Do you smoke? Are you tired of harming your health? If you want to become a non-smoker in one session then call me I can help you accomplish your goal.

Sports Performance

Are you off your sport? Have you lost focus? Then call me I can get you where you want to go in any sport or gymnastics. Great athletes are genetically focused but sometimes even the best athlete loses focus or hits the wall. I specialize in sports performance and have worked with every type of athlete successfully. Call me and I will get you to the next level, I can help you get to the top of your sport.

Stress Reduction

Stressed in the work place? Are you unable to cope with small everyday problems? If you would like to change your perception so that everyday is a positive day then call me I can help you accomplish your goal.

Goal Achievement

Clients are taught how to achieve their goals at home, at work, or in sports through the use of modern paradigms. This allows clients to achieve their goals quickly and seemingly effortlessly.

Weight Mananement

Are you out of control? Is food in charge of your life? Then call me and I can teach you how to control your problems with over eating and harmful self-talk. Remember that you can take control of what you think about food and you can lose unwanted pounds easily if you learn how to operate your brain.

Couples Counseling

A relationship is like a garden - it grows more beautiful with time and design. Like a garden, it can lose its beauty if not properly nurtured and tended. If a relationship is lost, good therapy can help find the way back. Love is the main ingredient, where there is love a relationship can flourish again.

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