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Life Skills Coach. Tampa, FL

  • Couple's counseling*
  • Quiet anxiety*
  • Conquer fear*
  • Overcome stress*
  • Improve your sport*
  • Quit smoking*
  • Achieve your goals*

*Results may vary.

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Have you been in a negative place? Are you and your spouse drifting apart? Are stressors at work taking your joy?

In my sessions we get to the root of old dysfunctional patterns and learn how to develop new and healthy ways to experience life.

My sessions are about learning new and better ways to achieve our goals.

NOW is the time to conquer fears and remove old patterns that serve us poorly.

NOW is the time to get to a positive place.

NOW is the time to experience the joy of being.

My services also cover smoke cessation, going to the next level in your sport, conquering social anxiety, and learning skills to function with ADHD or OCD.

I have Ph.D. in psychology and a doctorate in clinical hypnosis. The two disciplines work hand in hand to effect a positive change quickly. It is time to shake the negativity and step into the light.

Call me anytime to discuss your current situation and efficient ways to resolve any problems you may have. (813)417-1348

I look forward to hearing from you.

Harriet Raitano PhD, is a proud member of the As I Am Institute's Coalition of Counselors.

Positive Change Coach

Harriet Raitano Ph. D.

Licensed Consultant & Clinical Hypnotherapist

License # 108771.0000

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About Harriet Raitano

Harriet Raitano, Ph.D., Positive Change Coach, Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County, Life Coach, South Tampa Therapy, South Tampa Life Coach, Stress Coach, Stress Management, Sports Performance Stress Management, Clinical Hypnosis, Smoke Cessation, Weight Control, Stress Reduction, Goal Acheivement, Personal Growth Life Coach, Life Coaching, Quit Smoking, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Personal Business Coach, Executive Business Coaching, Development Coach, Counseling, Mentor, Counselor, Mentoring, Achieve Sports Goals, Sports Goals, meditation, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, couples counseling, relationship help.Harriet Raitano, PhD is a Positive Change Coach who assists clients in achieving a state of congruency. She has been successful in aiding clients achieve personal goals in the work place, at home, and in sports performance. She does so in a non- threatening educational manner, which is the objective of Positive Change coaching.

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